Labour's Digital Government Review


The report produced by this review can be read and commented on here:

Speaking at the launch of Digital Britain 2015, Chi Onwurah MP, said:

Labour’s Digital Government Review will set out clear goals for a digital agenda that will improve services and empower citizens whilst being efficient and cost effective.
Under the guidance of our Advisory Board and with contributions from a wide range of stakeholders across the country, the review will deliver a framework for transforming digital government together with concrete policy proposals to make digital services work for the many.

Key areas to be explored in the review include:

  • Ways in which technology can empower citizens in their relationship with government
  • People’s awareness, experience, concerns and expectations of how the public and private sector stores and uses information regarding themselves
  • Emerging data and information usage models, particularly in the areas of value creation, consent, trust and privacy
  • Characteristics of the technology requirements of the public and private sector, including how and where those requirements may vary between sectors
  • Differing digital delivery and procurement models and how they are used in both the private and public sector
  • Ways in which digital services can improve quality, reduce costs and support the evolution of public services
  • Technology enablers that can support rapid and cost-effective deployment or change to public services


The review was published published on 25 November 2014 and can be read and commented on here.